Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is bold and intense like the Bull. We were delighted when we found the Taurus Cabernet Sauvignon as it shows the natural beauty of this grape type before oak aging. Often this grape type is blended and aged in oak, thus its pure flavors are compromised. In these vineyards in the south of France it has found an ideal home where it is warm enough that it can fully ripen, and the tannins become round, yet there are enough cooling influences form the ocean, and minerality of the soil that it keeps its fresh bite and complexity.


Located in the center of the Languedoc region, just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the Mediterranean.
Cultivation: “Lutte raisonnée,” or “reasoned protection,” (using chemical intervention only when required); cordon pruning, fruit thinning and high trellising in the vineyards
Vine Age: 10 years or more
Soil: Varied, with chalk, marl and schist predominant
Orientation: South and east
Density: 4,000 vines/hectare (1,619 vines/acre)


taurus cabernet sauvignon

Taurus cabernet sauvignon


Appearance: Ruby-red color
Aroma: Flattering nose of red berry fruit and spices. A hint of cedar. The characteristic Cabernet Sauvignon notes of bell pepper present.
Taste: Ripe cassis fruit combined with ripe tannins.Vibrant flavors on the palate with a good structure and a harmonious finish.
Aging Potential: 7-8 years


Dish: This wine is perfect accompaniment for casseroles, stews, cassoulet and game. 
Cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon favours hard cows' milk cheeses: Cheddar, Gauda, Gruyère, Parmiggiano Reggiano
Temperature: 16 - 18ºC


Varietal: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 13.5%