The birth of this wine was the result of the unique characteristics of this micro-climte. The vignerons working this land for several generations, passing on their knowledge about the characteristics of the local climate and soil have found a special combination of elements present here. Their inspiration was to create a wine that reflect thearea. 

The planted four different varietals, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, each in the place with the attributes that will allow it to thrive the most, and created a blend of these wines. From the West the climate is influenced by the ocean. Here the terroir is argile-calcaire, which is well suited for the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. From the South, the warm winds of the Mediterranean in combination with argillo limoneux soil accentuate the powerful, bold fruit of the Syrah and Malbec. From the North, the cooling winds of the Pyrenees Mountains help keep the finesse and elegance of the fruit in a warm climate. From this was created PAUL Cathare, like the land and its history, bold and intense.

The wine a harmonious, full bodied, and with a rich palate and earthy, spicy nuances. The intense palate of dark berry fruits are complimented by nicely rounded tannins. This wine breaks out from the traditional mold of wine varietals used together. 

paul cathare label
Cathare : from the Greek meaning ‘Pure’
Pure wines...the nectar of the terroir.
Paul Cathare


Appearance: deep purple with garnet highlights
Aroma: Intense nose: raspberry, violet, black cherry.
Taste: Silky red and black fruit taste, plum jam and eastern spices. Intense but round tannins, very smooth.
Aging Potential: 7-10 years


Dish: Well suited for diches with stong flavour. Can accompany a full flavour steak, but also notable with game, for example “civet de sanglier” - wild boar in red wine stew, or on a different note, eastern dishes such as tandoori chicken.
Cheese: Pont l’Evêque, Saint Marcelin, Truffle infused Brie
Temperature: 16°C

It is advisable to decant this wine one hour before service to allow its aromas to fully open.


Vintage: 2009
Varietal: 50% Merlot, 20% Syrah, 20% Malbec,
10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 13.5%



The term Pays Cathare meaning “Cathare Country” refers to the heritage and history of the Languedoc region. The Cathar heritage boasts fortresses and castles scattered throughout this rugged land. Languedoc is the lesser well know part of the French Mediterranean coasts.  Compared to its fashionable neighbor, Provence,  the Languedoc is less-know, less accessible, and more “raw / pure” in spirit. Our passion is to create a small range of wines that portray the uniqueness and richness of the Languedoc region.

The Languedoc-Rousillion wine region is the biggest one in France, actually it is the single biggest wine producing region in the world.  It is responsible for more than a third of France’s total wine production.  It is a rugged land, whose atmosphere is well described through the Cathare castles. Beautiful ruins remain or rocky mills and mountains.  The first vines were planted here some five hundred years before Christ, and are among the oldest planted vineyards in France. From the 4th to the 18th, early 19th century the Languedoc region had a reputation of producing high quality wines. In Paris during the 14th century the wines of the region were prescribed in hospitals for their “healing powers”. 

During the Industrial Age from the late 19th century production shifted to large amounts of cheap red wines to satisfy the growing work force. The region was also responsible for providing the French soldiers with their daily wine ration during both World Wars. After decades of difficulties, the production of Languedoc had changed again. The region began to rebuild its image for quality production. Local winegrowers immersed themselves in finding the history and traditions of their region, to find the best varietals and methods suited for their terroir. Along with theses old traditions, they have combined the modern viticultural techniques that allow for the production of cleaner, more defined wines.