Ever since we were introduced to the world of fine wine, by our friend and mentor, Patrick Pages of Chantoiseau, we have been committed students and later, ambassadors, to wine culture and history.  We spent eight passionate years filling the ears and glasses of our clients in Budapest with insight on French wines though The House of French Wines.

Then, with an urge for vagabonding, and reaching out to learn beyond the borders of France, we spent several years exploring the worlds wine regions. Some we visited briefly, while with other we lingered longer, living for three years in Tuscany.

To share our treasures we have created a collection that we are continually refining an expanding of top value wines. We aim to combine the knowledge we learned from local wine makers, and the desires of our clients to bring them the best wines for their needs. 

We value big names and famous wineries, and offer a portfolio of Grand Cru quality wines with recent and mature vintages to our collector clients. At the same time we seek out excellent quality wines at smaller prices for the pleasure of everyday drinking.