Les pommettes roses
cabernet d'anjou, LOIRE 

Les Pommettes Roses is a sublime example of this unique style of wine. It is surprisingly refreshing and versatile. Well balanced in fruitiness and acidity, a true pleasure.

Anjou wines are made around the city of Angers. They were very popular as soon as in the 6th century. During the 13th and 14th centuries, Anjou was one of the most popular wines in England. And then in Holland and Belgium.

Cabernet d'Anjou is the apellation specifically reserved for rose Anjou wines made from the 'Cabernet' grapes – a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Fruit-driven and more complex than typical rose wines, Cabernet d'Anjou wines are associated with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, roses and even a hint of white pepper on the finish – the trademark of Cabernet Franc. The wines are frequently off-dry or even semi-sweet, but balanced acidity and good tannic structure make them age-worthy.

les pommettes roses cabernet d'anjou loire
Pommettes Roses Cabernet d'Anjou


Appearance: Light strawberry
Aroma: Fruit scents, especially red berries, with mint and white pepper.
Taste: Round and mellow on the palate, a pleasing light sweetness that is well balanced by a fresh acidity.


Dish: A fine aperitif, matches summer salads, grills,exotic and spicy dishes, deserts with red berries.
Cheese: Gauda a Dutch yellow cheese, Entrammes a cheese from the Anjou region
Temperature: 8-10ºC


Vintage: 2011
Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 12%