La Petite Française

[ la p(ə)tit fʀɑ̃sɛz ]      … The Little French Girl

This collection was inspired by the luscious wines of southern France. French wine making involves many traditions passed on from generation to generation. In most of the country’s wine regions these traditions have been incorporated into the rules and regulations regarding the growing of grapes and the making of wines. The Languedoc wine region is more dynamic in its regulations regarding winemaking. This, along with ideal climate and terroir, provides the opportunity for young generations of vignerons to learn from their forefathers, yet use innovation and created new styles. The Petite Française collection is quintessentially French, with a modern whimsy.  Perfect for special events of every-days, to be enjoyed in the relaxed company of friends and family.

La Petite Francaise Chardonnay
La Petite Francaise Chardonnay


Appearance: Deep gold
Aroma: Elegant, complex nose of dried fruits, hazelnuts toast, exotic fruits.
Taste: The dried fruits and hazelnuts found on the nose are also on the palate. The oak aging provides a creamy buttery characteristics.
Aging Potential: 7-8 years


Dish: A versatile wine, well paired with white fish, white meats and salads. 
Cheese: Chardonnay and Comté is a perfect match!
Temperature: 8-10ºC.


Vintage: 2010
Varietal: 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol: 13.5%