jocunditas :    from Latin charm / agreeableness / pleasing quality. 

The name of the appellation originates from the word Jocunditas meaning great pleasure and enjoyment in Latin. The town was founded as retirement reward for the soldiers of the Second Legion of Rome.  Here they were given land and an opportunity to lead a peaceful domestic life after having served in the great Roman army. The wine growing traditions of the area dates back to this time.

Gigondas, part of the larger Southern Rhône region has a Mediterranean climate.  A long growing season with moderately warm temperatures. Little rainfall growing, with most precipitation in the winter months.Throughout the year there is no drastic change in climate, with winters being considerably warmer than continental climates. The important geagraphic feature of Gigondas is the Dentelles de Montmirail, a small range of mountains that divide the appellation into two distinct areas, one with cooler, one with warmer climate.  Also an important factor is elevation, as the wine is being grown as high as 600 meters.

Jocunditas - Gigondas label
Jocunditas gigondas


Appearance: Purple-ruby.
Aroma:  Open nose with aromas of aromas of strawberry jam and pepper, exotic spices.
Taste: Red fruit, strawberries, cherries, floral characteristics.ample tannins. Deep, medium bodied, fresh and lively.
Aging Potential: 7-10 years


Dish: Red and white meats can suit this wine, grilled meats. Spare ribs.
Cheese: St.Marcelin, Epoisses and blues: Roquefort
Temperature: 16ºC.

It is advisable to decant this wine one hour before service to allow its aromas to fully open.


Vintage: 2010
Varietal:Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
Alcohol: 14.5%



Gigondas is a French AOC in the southern Rhône wine region of France. Primarily a red wine producing region. Located very close to the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC, it is considered the little brother of the prestigious region.  The wines of Gigondas are less well know, yet can yield beautiful results when treated with care. With the lowest annual yield in France of only 36 hecto-litres per hectare, the association of noble varietals such as Grenache Noir, Syrah and Mourvèdre helps produce a very delicate palette of Gigondas wines.


The Grenache grape variety is the King of the Southern Rhône Valley varietals. And indeed red Grenache expresses itself to its full potential on such a terroir. In fact, by limiting the sun’s rays in the morning the Dentelles help lengthen the ripening process of Grenache which needs to ripen slowly to be able to develop to its full potential. It dominates the Gigondas blend and brings tannins, body and a good ageing potential.

The Syrah grape variety is blended in more moderate quantities. It reinforces the deep garnet colour and adds a fantastic aromatic burst. The Mourvèdre grape brings the greater aromatic complexity of spices to Gigondas and it adapts perfectly to being matured in oak.